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To make a resume for a job, compose a list of imperative information, review resume samples, and choose a resume template. Use the template to enter the information you listed, proofread and edit your resume, and compose a separate reference page.


To create a job resume, list contact information such as your full name, email, phone number and permanent address, and then provide a list of former job titles. Summarize the duties you performed in each position, briefly describe your honors and achievements, and then...


To write a resume for a job, discuss details about your achievements, as well as your personal, academic and professional experiences, in a single document. Shape the resume to prove eligibility for the particular job.


A resume should include a job seeker's name, e-mail address, phone number, link to professional online profile or website, employment history, honors, achievements, relevant skills and education information. Depending on level of education and experience, including an e...


List accounting skills on a resume by listing all relevant educational training in accounting, such as courses on financial accounting or taxation, as well as any official certifications. Also include descriptions of specific tasks and responsibilities at your past jobs...


A resume is a good thing to have for any type of job, including a part time job. The resume represents a summary of work experience, education and skills that make the person a good applicant. Resumes need to be updated on a regular basis.


Resume Genius is an excellent source for accountant resume writing examples, as of 2015. Experience and Accounting Jobs Today are also great web sources for accountant resume examples and writing samples.