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The purpose of a primary election is to narrow the field of candidates before a general election. Primary elections allow the people to play a larger role in the nominations of the party. The two main types of primary elections in the United States are open and closed elections.


Voters can access statewide and county election results through the website of their state’s secretary of state or the county board of elections, in the case of a county or municipal election. Television, radio and cable news operations often carry election-night results on their websites.


An election is a process where citizens vote to elect officials to office or vote on bills and amendments trying to be passed. Modern representative democracy has functioned on this system since the 17th century.


The main types of elections are primary elections and general elections. A primary election is one where a party chooses the candidate to represent the party in a general election. A general election is an election where multiple candidates vie for a political position.


Most local newspapers publish obituaries for citizens in the local areas or regions and obituaries for notable persons elsewhere. Obituaries are usually printed or listed toward the back of a newspaper or on a separate tab via online sources.


There are three basic types of elections in the United States: primary, general and special. Elections are held on the federal level to elect the president and Congressional leaders while state and local elections are used to elect governors, state legislators and local office holders.


Final election results for federal government positions in the United States can be viewed on the Federal Election Commission's official website at FEC.gov. Many major media outlets, such as USA Today and CNN, have areas on their websites dedicated to election results and update them in real time as


Navigate to the New Jersey Election Information and Results Archive for New Jersey election results. The New Jersey Department of State, Division of Elections maintains online election results dating back to 1925, as of November 2015.


The most common way to contest the results of an election is to request a recount; politicians can also present a case before a judge if they feel that the election was not performed properly. States that allow recounts often have restrictions on who can ask for recounts.


The Division of Elections of the New Jersey Department of State maintains records of election results at NJ.gov. The Department of State maintains election results and information by year for elections held between 1989 and 2015. Primary and general election results for earlier years are also availa