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When differences among similar species whose distributions overlap geographically are accentuated, but when don't overlap the characteristics are lost. Character displacement stems from the competitive exclusion principle, saying that in order for species to exist, their


Character displacement is the phenomenon where differences among similar species whose distributions overlap geographically are accentuated in regions where the species co-occur, but are minimized or lost where the species’ distributions do not overlap. This pattern results from evolutionary change driven by biological competition among species for a limited resource (e.g. food).


This video was really helpful and cleared up a lot of confusion! This was a very good explanation of the differences between character displacement and resource partitioning! I do suggest something other than long definitions on PowerPoint slides in the beginning.


It is indeed the type of consequences brought about by character displacement. Yes, it looks like character displacement. "Resource partitioning" is not necessarily more behavioural than anatomical and even if it was, a behaviour is a phenotype, just like any other phenotype, and it should not be disregarded. The character being displaced in a ...


c) As a result of resource partitioning, certain characteristics may enable individuals to obtain resources in their partitions more successfully. Selection of these characteristics reduces competition with individuals in other partitions and leads to a divergence of features. This is called character displacement or niche shift.


ii. Niche differentiation/ resource partitioning- The change in a species resources iii. Character displacement- The change in a species traits. 1. An example of this would be with Galapagos finches. Finches on the island have evolved different morphologies that reduces their competition.


20. Character displacement is a type of resource partitioning that occurs ONLY when two species occur together. What is the defining characteristic of character displacement? If two species look very different where they overlap and also when they are apart, are they experiencing character displacement? Why or why not?


C. resource partitioning D. a demographic transition E. character displacement. C. resource partitioning. Examples of defensive adaptations include all of the following except _____. A. aposematic coloration B. Müllerian mimicry C. mechanical defense D. Batesian mimicry E. predation.


The adaptations said to be acquired by this process may be morphological, behavioural or physiological (Brown & Wilson, 1956; Grant, 1972) and the change, called character displacement, is believed to permit coexistence of the species involved through partitioning of the resource.


15) Character displacement differs from resource partitioning because character displacement _____. A) is a fundamental difference in feeding behaviors of individuals. B) is directly linked to the evolution of genotypes that have allowed alternate resource use