Resonance stabilization is the energy of a real molecule compared with its anticipated energy for the best resonance structure that may be drawn for the said molecule. The anticipated energy is based on the types and amo... More »

The concept of resonance is a useful method for illustrating the chemical makeup of a compound when that compound is not representative of a single Lewis structure but is, rather, a hybrid of multiple Lewis structures. T... More » Science Chemistry

Some examples of resonance are a pendulum, a playground swing, a tuning fork and a human voice at a pitch sufficient to shatter glass. Resonance is a vibration system or external force driving another system to oscillate... More »

In chemistry, resonance is a method of comparing and contrasting two or more different Lewis dot structures that can possibly represent a molecule. It illustrates the delocalization of electrons within molecules. Delocal... More »

A fixed pulley consists of a wheel fixed to a shaft and is used in conjunction with a belt to transfer energy to another fixed pulley. A movable pulley consists of a shell, a movable wheel and a rope. Movable pulleys are... More »

The purpose of a flywheel in an engine is to store energy. The energy stored by the flywheel helps steady the rotation of shaft when the torque applied to the shaft is uneven. More »

Energy of motion is the energy an object possesses due to its motion, which is also called kinetic energy. This means that the object, which has energy of motion, can do work on any object it hits. More »