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Developing a house cleaning checklist requires deciding how often tasks should be completed and who should complete those tasks. Most homeowners can make a basic house cleaning checklist in just a few hours, but the list may change over time as the family grows or changes.


Phone number listings are accessible to the public unless the owner chooses to utilize services to protect the privacy of a phone number. There are ways to have the number unlisted, unpublished or blocked.


Residents can request to have their phone numbers removed from residential listings. To have phone numbers removed, customers can contact their local phone companies to request an unlisted number.


Residential telephone listings can be found in online directories located at websites such as AnyWho.com and Whitepages.com. Individuals can also request print and CD-ROM telephone directories online.


Order residential trash service by contacting a reputable sanitation company and finding out what services are available in your area. Depending on your location, the type of trash service you require and how frequently you want your trash picked up, the company gives you a quote detailing how much


Residential codes protect the public by regulating how buildings are constructed, maintained and occupied in towns and cities. Code officials inspect building sites to ensure the construction is structurally sound and safe for continued development.


Residential telephone listings are available online from sites such as WhitePages.com and AnyWho.com. These sites allow searches for residential telephone numbers throughout the country by using zip code information and a last name to search for records.


Some residential maid service options include Molly Maid, Merry Maids and The Cleaning Authority. All three companies offer national networks of local cleaners and maids.


Verizon's residential services include local and long distance phone service, high-speed Internet and Fios. Verizon also offers contracts with DirecTV to provide satellite cable services.


The services most residential garbage companies provide include removal of solid waste, yard, bulk and hazardous household waste. In addition, these companies also provide recycling services to remove plastic, paper and other recyclable products.