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ChemistryMany astrobiologists believe that if we find living organisms on other planets in our solar system and elsewhere in the universe, they will be recognizable to us as life. They believe that the properties of carbon that allowed it to become the basis for all life on Earth are unique to that atom. The variety of types of chemical bonds that can be formed by carbon make it able to be the ...


The Universe Seven Requirements to Sustain Life. Before evolutionists can attempt to “prove” the theory of evolution as fact, they must begin with the idea of a pre-existing, stable, biologically-favorable universe. But can such a tailor-made environment evolve from blind chance? Or was it actually the result of careful, creative forethought?


It has a high capacity to sustain life - it has liquid water, has a stable, fairly warm temperature, and it does sustain life - all of the plants and animals among other life forms. share with friends


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What are the absolute minimum dietary requirements to sustain human life, assuming a sedentary life style with little or no strenuous movement. What effect would a large dose of a drug like morphine have, if any?


Human Needs: Sustaining Life During Exploration. ... they had to make sure that basic survival requirements were met. To endure these long voyages, human beings had to make sure they had food, water, air and adequate shelter on hand. If any one of these basic needs were not met, life would be put in jeopardy.


That’s why, astronomers look for certain pointers in a celestial body, and then determine if it has the potential to support life, or in other words, whether it’s habitable. So, what are the requirements for a planet to support life? Factors that make a planet habitable: It has to be a comfortable distance away from a star (Habitable Zone)


A checklist on the requirements for life on other worlds can help scientists avoid rampant speculation when dealing with potentially habitable alien planets. See what major elements are needed for ...


Q&A: The 5 Ingredients Needed for Life Beyond Earth. ... based on what is known about the range of environments that can support life on Earth. In your PNAS paper, you talk about a "checklist for ...


Humans have been adapting to life on Earth for at least the past 200,000 years. Earth and its atmosphere have provided us with air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat, but these are not the only requirements for survival.