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Individuals can find online high school classes by checking with colleges and universities offering high school programs and both online public and private school programs for course options. Connections Academy, Stanford University and James Madison High School are three options with both complete


Websites such as Classmates.com and Findaschoolmate.com are common ways to find old class lists and classmates, and social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are other popular ways to search for old classmates and friends. All of these tools require the user to create an account and log in.


The legal requirements to get a commercial truck driving job that doesn't involve dealing with hazardous chemicals include having a class A commercial driver's license, being at least 18 years old to drive in state or at least 21 years old for interstate driving. Drivers who transport hazardous mate


It is very common for high schools to offer night classes, although availability depends on the school district. The school district's website usually lists information about evening high school class availability, requirements and locations.


Some schools offering free online courses include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University and Tufts University. These prestigious colleges all offer free online course materials to anyone with Internet access.


Charter schools, universities, law schools, medical schools and graduate programs all generally require applications in order to be considered for admission. In addition, business schools and some private elementary, middle and high schools also require prospective students to apply, according to th


In general, the requirements for admission into medical school are one year each of biology, physics and English. Applicants also need to have two years of chemistry, including organic chemistry. Applicants must also pass the Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT.


Some writing activities for middle school classes include writing a letter to the president, writing a narrative that compares and contrasts something, making a magazine or newspaper and writing a persuasive letter. Some other ideas include making a yearbook, writing poems, constructing a procedure


Some benefits of high school summer classes include improvement in grades, getting prepared for college admission and taking courses to help boost SAT and ACT scores when applying for colleges. High school campuses are not as busy in the summer in the United States, making it possible for students t


Some high schools choose block scheduling because this schedule gives teachers more time for individualized instruction, students have time to complete longer cooperative learning activities and students have less information to process from the school day, giving them more time for reflection. A bl