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Now you can win even if you re 1- OFF. That s right! 1- OFF is the all new and exciting game from the Dominica National Lottery. As we continue to reflect our dedication to our players by creating games which provide opportunities to change lives, we re giving you exactly what you ve been asking for.


I have been playing this daily spanish lottery fforover two years. There are two draws, Nacional and Quiniela Pale- numbers drawn ranges from 00-99.


Latest Dominican Republic Loto & Loto Mas results and recent Loto & Loto Mas winning numbers.


FBI toxicology results will soon be released as part of the investigation into the rash of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic. Relatives of Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, Nathaniel Holmes, 63 ...


Dominican Republic lottery results can be accessed on the Internet right after they are aired by the official operators. Run by Leidsa, drawings generally take place in Santo Domingo. Most games are available in the whole of Dominican Republic, while others are only played locally. Taken altogether, the drawings are held basically every day ...


Web Portal of the Dominican Republic that specializes in developing software applications for lotteries, allowing their users to receive the results of the drawings quickly and easily on your smart phone, whether iPhone, Blackberry or Android.


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Lottery New York Evening and Lottery New Tork Night. All these are American lotteries that are sold in different lottery banks of the country although they are raffled in the United States and payments are made in the Dominican Republic, are based on the payment method of the Dominican lotteries.


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LEIDSA tu única Loto, “La Fábrica de Millonarios” | Lotería Electrónica Internacional Dominicana S.A (LEIDSA) líder en el mercado de loterías, pionera en el concepto de lotería electrónica en República Dominicana desde 1997.