These reproduction Elephant tusk replicas are constructed out of fiberglass. They come in plain, scrimshawed and as wall hangers. Faux elephant tusks will make  ...


Reproduction Elephant Tusks. Finely detailed reproductions of authentic elephant tusks. Each set of tusks is stained and polished, ready to use. Display your ...


Results 1 - 8 of 8 ... Van Dyke's Taxidermy offers realistic looking reproduciton Elephant tusks and holders.


Reproduction Elephant Tusks - The best Elephant Tusk Reproductions available. Incredible detail, hard to tell from the real thing. Lightweight. Can be.


Safari Decor for Sale - SW5447. Spectacular pair of Elephant Tusk reproductions on beautiful hand carved Ironwood pedestals. The Tusk replicas measure 58" ...


Home · Taxidermy · Anteaters. Find high quality Anteater taxidermy pieces at Taxidermy Trophies for Sale. We have the perfect lifelike anteater mounts to accent ...


Unique keepsake. 36 long reproduction. No elephants we harmed in the making of this product. :p It is not real ivory, it's a solid piece of cast resin.


Jan 4, 2020 ... Elephant tusk reproductions measuring 65” long. Tusks are displayed on a stained mahogany base, 17″ in circumference and 8” x 10” x 15” ...


Nov 9, 2018 ... In Mozambique, researchers are racing to understand the genetics of elephants born without tusks—and the consequences of the trait.


Elephant - Elephant - Reproduction and life cycle: Elephants live in small family ... the mother can no longer tolerate the pokes of her offspring's emerging tusks.