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To report someone's death to the Social Security office, gather the needed information about the person along with the legal death certificate, then call the Social Security Administration to get more information about finding and completing all the necessary paperwork. Finally, mail in the paperwor


Report the death of a person who receives Social Security benefits by phoning a number listed on the SSA.gov website or visiting the local office in person, advises the Social Security Administration. Alternatively, give the decedent's Social Security number to the funeral home and ask it to report


Two types of Social Security payments are referred to as death benefits. One is paid monthly and is a proportion of the Social Security benefit of the deceased, while the other is a lump sum paid to the child or spouse of the deceased, the Social Security Administration explains.


The Social Security Death Index refers to the database that is created from the U.S. Social Security Administration's Death Master File. The database contains genealogical information, including name, birth, date of death, Social Security number and the decedent's last known address.


Social security is the foundation of economic security for millions of Americans, according to the National Academy of Social Insurance. It is a pay-as-you-go program where today's workers pay Social Security taxes into the program, and money then flows out as monthly income payments to beneficiarie


As of 2014, the earliest a person may receive Social Security benefits is age 62, but she receives a reduction in her benefits if she starts at that age. The age someone receives her full benefits is the full retirement age, determined by the date on which she was born.


A decedent's children who are unmarried and under the age of 19 may be eligible for death benefits if they if they attend either school full time. In addition to natural children, a decedent's stepchildren, adopted children and grandchildren may also be eligible to receive death benefits.


Individuals looking to apply for Social Security death benefits should contact the Social Security Administration by phone or at their local Social Security office, says the Social Security Administration. An appointment is not required, but having one saves time waiting to speak to a representative


The government's National Technical Information Service publishes the Social Security Administration's death index online. Several private companies have purchased access to the death index and provide access on their sites for free, including Ancestry.com, DeathIndexes.com and Family Search.


Documentation, including proof of death and the Social Security number of the deceased, is needed to process the claim. In order to claim death benefits from Social Security, it is necessary to get in touch with Social Security either by phone, online or by visiting a local office. Death benefits mu