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Construction estimating unit cost for removing old mortar and repointing joints in existing exterior stonework with fresh mortar. Unit Size . One square foot. Labor Costs. We figure about 20 square feet of pointing work per hour for a skilled mason with a half-time helper.


Different contractors will quote differently depending on their experience and expertise but costs lie anywhere between $3 and $7 for the first 10 feet height of the walls where much scaffolding 1 is not needed. Beyond 5 feet high, the cost increases significantly to around $10 per square feet.


Masonry construction unit cost for repointing exterior brickwork. Unit Size . One square foot. Labor Costs. We figure about 14 square feet per hour for a mason with a half-time unskilled worker in support. This cost covers hand removal of loose mortar and replacement with new materials. It does not cover grinding or milling of old mortar.


For a just normal brick pointing without grinding in bronx it cost around $4 / per square feet while at the same time it cost $9 to $15 in manhattan nyc . In bron with grinding and steam cleaning it cost around $9 to $10 while in manhattan might be $20 $25 . The cost might go down if the square feet are more than a 1000 .


The average cost to repoint a brick chimney ranges from about $10.68 per square foot.


How much does tuckpointing cost? On average, as an estimate, plan on spending about $5 to $15 per square foot, with most professional requiring at least $200 to $300, at a minimum, before they accept the job. Even though the materials are cheap, it’s the labor and set up that takes up most of the job.


Chiseling is tedious, painstaking and, for cement-covered joints, frustratingly slow. It's easy to see why repointing by hand costs as much as $25 a square foot. Using an electric grinder with a diamond-tipped blade can cut the cost to $5 per square foot, as long as the joints are more than ½-inch wide.


How Much Does Tuckpointing Cost? What is the Square Foot Price for tuckpointing? How much should tuckpointing cost? Is tuckpointing expensive? Etc. Plenty of ways to ask how much money one might spend on a tuckpointing project. Below is a detailed answer of exactly what it could cost and why. You have a tuckpointing project…


I know the thread was posted in 2008 but for anyone wondering how to price a pointing job, a good proffesional pointer should be able to complete 100 sqft or close to it in 1 day so you either charge by the foot or by the day. Bids can be from $3 to $10 a square foot depending on grinding, replacing brick ect...


$8.68 to $12.41 per square foot for brick repointing Labor for brick repointing is included in the cost. Does include equipment setup, removal of deteriorating mortar, and mortar joint replacement. Price excludes historic homes, stone tuck pointing, brick replacement, waterproofing services, foundation repair, mortar testing, and brick refacing.