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Stock rims, or wheels, refer to the size of the wheel that came on a vehicle from the factory. "Stock rims" can also refer to the material and finish of the wheels. Aftermarket rims are often constructed of different materials and come in a variety of sizes for most vehicles.


You can find a water bottle cap replacement by searching for your water bottle brand and the term "replacement cap" on Amazon.com. For example, in order to find a replacement cap for a Nalgene water bottle, you enter the search term "Nalgene replacement cap" in the search text box.


Pink tire rims are available at many retailers including, Amazon.com, Wheelfire and Tirerack.com, as of 2016. Rims are available in new and used conditions from these retailers.


RimTyme and RimFinancing allow buyers to pay for their rims over time, but their programs don't operate like rent-to-own programs for houses. Despite this, RimTyme uses the term "rent-to-own" when marketing its rim loan program.


Physical retail stores that sell automotive parts carry replacement wheel caps. However, these stores may not carry the particular brand and exact part that you may need, as wheel caps differ vastly by make and model.


The size of the rim depends on what type and size of car you drive. Generally speaking, any car can be altered to use rim and tire of any size.


Find cheap rims and wheels at DiscountedWheelWarehouse.com and eBay.com. Discounted Wheel Warehouse sells a large selection of discounted aftermarket wheels, rims, custom wheels, chrome rims and tires. Ebay.com lists many used wheels and rims, with some sold at set prices and others sold in an aucti


A cracked rim is fixed by welding the notch together with metal or recasting the piece with special plastics. Cracks appear in tire rims when they strike hard surfaces or are exposed to friction and extreme weather. The rim serves as the core stabilizer for the wheel, making it essential to keep thi


Car rims are available for sale online at DiscountTire.com, Amazon.com, AutoAnything.com and TireRack.com, as of 2015. The websites offer wheels in various sizes and for cars, minivans, SUVs and trucks.


Repair aluminum rims by cleaning them, removing any deep dings, sanding the damaged spots and applying the necessary coatings. This process is simple and requires a few basic tools and materials available at most auto supply stores.