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Polarized plugs reduce the risk of electrical shock on many home appliances and lighting. A polarized plug has two prongs of different widths. In time, plugs can become damaged and frayed, requiring replacement. Failure to replace polarized plugs that are damaged can result in fire hazard and electrical short circuit.


Buy a polarized replacement plug, if needed. Damaged plugs and nicked, frayed cords are a safety hazard and need to be replaced. Putting a new plug on is straightforward, but there are a few basic rules. To prevent shocks from the metal parts of a light, lamp cords and two-wire extension cords are always polarized.


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This polarized heavy duty plug is ideal for This polarized heavy duty plug is ideal for power tools, extension cords and other appliances. For use with 2-wire cord from #18-2 to #14-2 AWG round type SJE, SJT, SJTW, SJEW, SJEOW and SJTOW.


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These are unpolarized plugs. Older lamps and other devices may well have unpolarized plugs, and some modern electronic devices, such as chargers on computers or cell phones, also have simple unpolarized plugs. It is generally not a problem to plug in an unpolarized plug to a polarized outlet in whatever way it will fit.


The simplest way to tell if your receptacle (electrical outlet) is polarized is if you are able to plug in a three-prong plug (NEMA 1-15 ground Type B) or if a two prong-plug (NEMA 1-15 ungrounded Type A) can only fit with the larger prong on the left. An electrical plug is designed to complete an electrical circuit from your home’s electrical panel to your electronic device and back.


When a lamp’s plug breaks, don't try to repair it. For safety reasons, you should replace the bad plug with a new one. Most lamps use polarized plugs, meaning one blade on the plug is wider than ...


Vacuum cleaner plugs often fail due to the common practice of removing the plug from the wall outlet by pulling on the cord. Symptoms of a plug in need of replacement include intermittent power cutoff, sparks or tripped circuit breakers when you use the vacuum.