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Moss as a lawn replacement. In this garden, moss is a lawn replacement; it grows happily under large trees where traditional turf grass can’t thrive. Growing also between stepping stones and alongside water features, the mosses create a uniform green look. Use moss on more than flat surfaces. But David doesn’t just think in flat spaces.


Consider replacing your lawn with moss. Brooklyn-based O’Neill Rose Architects planted a mix of Irish moss ( Sagina subulata ) and thyme between the bluestone pavers at the edge of a swimming pool at a Berkshire Mountains summer house built in the 1920s.


Q. Mike: I recall you once did a pro-moss piece. I want a solid and secure full-moss lawn; green growth that I won't have to mow. I have deep shade from mature Pines and maples and some moss already growing successfully in my sandy-ish soil. But I need some help; there's lots of conflicting moss advice on-line, especially about fertilizer. Thanks. ---Reverend Jim in Traverse City, MIMoss ....


Moss is a small green plant with finely branched stems and tiny leaves. It produces spores that are spread by the wind. Moss forms a thick, green matt on the soil surface, however, moss is not the culprit for killing grass in your lawn.


Anyone have any tips? From what I've read, it could be as easy as scalping, applying sulfur, and waiting. The area already has some moss present.


So if your lawn is receiving too much water or it doesn’t drain well, moss—as well as patches of mildewed or dying grass—are bound to crop up. Cut back on watering to improve the situation.


Tired of mowing that lawn? Why not replace expensive, high-maintenance sod with an easy-care, environmentally-friendly groundcover?


Replacing only 25 percent of lawn area with groundcover plants yields a time and energy savings of 50 percent in mowing alone. Planting your yard’s mowing-challenged areas with a turf alternative also offers a great way to experiment with groundcovers in a small way before committing to a whole-lawn makeover.


While a green, well-manicured grass lawn is a source of pride for many homeowners, it requires a lot of upkeep—not to mention harsh chemicals, fertilizers, weed killers, and water. If you want to stop spending your weekends mowing and mixing up all-natural homemade weed killers , or you live in a drought-prone area with water restrictions ...


Moss prefers acidic soil but will grow in alkaline soil if shade and moisture are favorable. Too much shade. ... Replace lawn beneath trees with bishop's hat, sweet woodruff, or other shade ...