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Spanish moss can be purchased from online nurseries or stores for gardening or decorating purposes. For instance, one such online resource is Florida Spanish Moss. It is shipped dried and compressed, but grows one it is watered.


To remove moss from a roof, spray a mixture of equal parts bleach and water throughout the roof using a garden sprayer. Install zinc strips across the length of the roof to prevent moss growth.


To remove moss from concrete, saturate the moss-covered areas with undiluted vinegar, scrub with a hard-bristle brush and rinse with cold water; then sprinkle the concrete with a thin layer of baking soda. Allow the soda to rest for 24 hours before sweeping the area clean.


Options for effective organic moss removal include using vinegar, baking soda or Dawn Ultra dish detergent. These products do not cause problems in streams due to runoff water and do not stain surfaces like those containing iron, copper or zinc.


Common cool season grasses include Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and fine fescue, and common warm season grasses include Bermuda grass, St. Augustine, zoysiagrass and bahiagrass. Centipede grass and seashore paspalum are also common warm season grasses.


Remove moss from a roof using a brush to scrub it away. Then, follow with a bleach and water spray treatment on the roof to kill any remaining moss or algae, and add a 6-inch copper strip under the top row of shingles, to prevent its return.


Spraying a mixture of one part bleach and one part water on a roof kills moss. Plants around the perimeter of the house should be sprayed with water before spraying the mixture. This helps protect them from bleach that runs off the roof.


Potassium salt from fatty acids is known to kill different types of moss, according to Garden Guides. Zinc is another moss killer, and it comes in different forms such as zinc-copper sulfate and zinc chloride. One particular zinc-based solution is zinc chloride at a 13 percent concentrate in powder


Removing mosses from bricks is a simple procedure that requires the invaluable and basic skill of following simple instructions, use of detergents and basic domestic cleaning procedures. Mosses are tiny flowerless plants that grow in clusters in dark and damp areas.


The best way to water grass is to water infrequently and deeply two or three times each week during the morning hours when the sun and wind are less common. Home owners should water the lawn evenly and with sprinklers that equally distribute water to the entire lawn.