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Follow the tips below to pinpoint and repair the cause of the stains, then clean, prime, and paint over the water stains to restore the blemish-free finish of your ceiling. STEP 1: Identify and ...


I have a popcorn ceiling and there is a dark water stain in the center.I have found the source of the water leak and it has been fixed. Now I need to fix the area to blend in with the rest of the ceiling. The popcorn texture/stucco/cottage cheese material in the water damaged area does not look the same as the rest of the ceiling.


Unsightly water stains on the ceiling don't have to ruin the look and feel of a room. Make your ceiling look new again. You can fix a water stain by just following a few steps, buying some basic ...


When water leaks onto a drywall ceiling, ugly coffee-colored stains usually appear. Sometimes the ceiling texture will become saturated and start to flake off. We'll show you how to repair small damaged areas of typical popcorn ceiling texture. It's easy when you use a special texture patch now available in an aerosol spray can.


Before repairing the water stain, be sure to fix the leak so the stain doesn’t reappear and to prevent further damage to your home from rot and mold. To repair the water stain on a ceiling, prime the spot using a spray can of stain blocking primer that can be applied vertically.


Water stains on your ceiling can dramatically reduce the resale value of your home and be a terrible eye sore. Whether you're planning to move, have some repairs to do, or just want to spruce your place up, repairing water stains can be a relatively simple and inexpensive project that you can do yourself.


Once the primer has dried, use an acrylic or water-based paint and paint brush to cover the stain. It’s likely the entire ceiling or wall will need a fresh coat to make it match. About Ask This ...


I show you how I treat a water stain so you can paint over it with out it bleeding through your new coat of paint. Knowing what to use is the trick here. There are many different brands and they ...