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Renter's insurance protects a tenant's personal property against such mishaps as fire and theft and also offers liability protection in case someone is injured in the tenant's home. Insurance companies offer policies to help renters offset costs incurred from such instances.


Renter's insurance, which is typically enacted at the onset of a house, condo or apartment lease, provides the cost of replacing a renter’s personal belongings in the case of theft, fire, natural disaster or other covered event. In addition to covering personal property, renter’s insurance protects


To get a renter's insurance quote online, a person may contact his auto insurance company or a general insurance provider such as Allstate, Assurant, Liberty Mutual Insurance or Progressive, according to About.com. Many of these companies offer tools that allow renters to receive quotes and purchase


A renter has a right to a habitable dwelling and to privacy. Upon termination of a lease agreement, some states require the landlord to refund the tenant’s security deposit, says FindLaw.


The easiest way to find renters is by hiring a property manager certified by the National Association of Residential Property Managers, explains United Services Automobile Association. In addition to finding tenants, these managers handle problems on the property for a fee that is typically 5 to 10


Renter's rights, or tenant rights, are sets of laws which differ from state to state and guarantee the rights and recourses of people who rent space in which to live. These rights include provisions for upkeep of property divided between landlords and tenants as well as many other specific stipulati


Tenant rights vary from state to state, but renters typically have the right to quiet enjoyment of their rental unit, non-discrimination, repairs and habitability, says Money Under 30. Most states also have laws regarding how long a landlord has to return a security deposit.


There are many insurance companies, agents and brokers located in Florida. Examples of companies offering renters insurance in Florida include: Geico, Security First Insurance and GreatFlorida Insurance.


As of February 2015, people who rent motor homes can usually either insure the motor home through their automotive insurance as an additional vehicle or purchase insurance through the motor home company. Motor home rental companies also typically require a security deposit that varies in price.


The rights of renters and landlords do vary from state to state. The laws vary from landlord access to rental property to the regulation of security deposits. Other laws that vary from state to state include rental forms and agreements, tenant rights and how to resolve disputes with landlords.