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Free and customizable rental lease forms are available through the Rocket Lawyer website. Site users can customize the form with the rent amount, the rent payment schedule and late fees. The option for adding a property description is also available when tailoring the form to a specific property.


To make a rental lease to print, use a word processing program to type an agreement onto a blank document. Ensure that the lease agreement you type provides all the required information, and then print.


A rental lease agreement includes the names of every tenant, the limits on occupancy, the terms of tenancy, the rent, and any deposits or fees, writes Nolo. Responsibilities for repairs and maintenance, legal right of access to property, and other restrictions should also be detailed.


A basic rental application form can be found at Rocket Lawyer's website. This form is free to down load, and can be made to conform to the regulations of the state in which the rental property is located.


Commercial renting and leasing resources include Regus, which rents space in 3,000 locations throughout the world, according to its website. Another resource is the U.S. Small Business Administration, which offers tips for leasing commercial space, states SBA.gov.


A rental agreement is a short-term, month to month tenancy with automatic renewal at the end of a period, according to NOLO Law. A property lease is a long-term agreement that provides the tenant the opportunity to occupy the property for a set term — typically six months to a year.


Websites such as TidyForm.com and RocketLawyer.com allow users to download blank, state-specific leasing agreements for residential and commercial properties. Software programs such as Socrates Media also provide customizable lease agreements. Socrates products are available for lease forms only or


Most rental applications include a section for the names and phone numbers of each person applying to rent the property, along with spaces for employment details and past rental history. Some applications also ask for personal references or for Social Security numbers in order to run background and


Both tenants and landlords use lease termination letters to end rental agreements and these letters should state the reasons for ending the lease within the proper notice period and according to the requirements of the lease agreement, as well as the availability of the property. Either party can te


A month-to-month lease form is a form for an agreement stating that the lease is renewed at the end of each month. This lease may be altered or terminated by either party after giving a 30-days notice.