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A basic rental application form can be found at Rocket Lawyer's website. This form is free to down load, and can be made to conform to the regulations of the state in which the rental property is located.


Most rental applications include a section for the names and phone numbers of each person applying to rent the property, along with spaces for employment details and past rental history. Some applications also ask for personal references or for Social Security numbers in order to run background and


Homeowners can download rental agreement forms through the RocketLawyer website, according to the site. Homeowners can choose their state and create a lease agreement based on the requirements in their state.


Standard information on a rental application includes the applicant's contact details, rental history and a verification of her employment, as well as a credit check. Some rental applications also require information about the applicant's criminal history.


Individuals can find a free rental application form in PDF format on RentalLeaseAgreement.org. This website offers various rental application and lease agreement forms for free download.


While the laws regarding application fees for rental units vary by state, the fees are legal in most states, according to RentPrep. While the average application fee is $25 per applicant as of 2015, it may range as high as $100, depending on state law, the location of the property and other market c


Free rental application templates are available at TidyForm, Vertex 42, EZ Landlord Forms and Business Form Template.com. These sites offer templates ranging from one to three pages in multiple formats.


Rental application forms can be downloaded from self-service legal advice websites such as Legal Zoom, as well as from form repository sites such as Tidy Form. The websites of local residential aid businesses, such as Rentprov.com, which serves Rhode Island and Massachusetts, also offer forms with s


Rental agreement forms in PDF format are available at RentalLeaseAgreement.org and TidyForm.com as of 2015. These websites offer many different types of downloadable rental agreement forms.


The typical application process for rental homes involves viewing the property, filling out the rental application form, credit and background check and signing the lease agreement, according to Investopedia. Paying the rent completes this process.