Hotels and motels that rent rooms by the hour are searchable on local business search sites such as Yellowpages and local business review sites such as Yelp, as of April 2015. allows users to rent rooms by the... More »

To rent a hotel room, you must be at least 18, since that is the legal age in the majority of states. The two main reasons for are the hotel's liability and the ability to enforce a legal contract. More »

Most states allow hotels to exercise discretion in setting their own minimum age requirements, according to USA Today. For many hotels, the minimum age to book a room is 18, the legal age of majority for all states as of... More »

Find clubhouses for rent by looking at listings on directory information search sites such as Yellowpages or local business review sites such as Yelp. Many public parks also have websites that contain information about c... More »

Find reputable asphalt repair companies by checking local business review sites and researching the business with the highest ratings to find out company history, insurance and licensing status, and if they own their own... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To find hotels online with vacancies, enter information about the location, dates and number of rooms into a search websites such as or The sites will display a list of hotels with rooms available. More » Geography

To rent housing in Italy, travelers can scout out rooms on vacation rental websites or contact local rental agencies, scout out the location, review the rental agreement and pay the deposit. They should sort out directio... More » Geography