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Rent-A-Center allows customers to rent or purchase furniture, electronics, computers and other appliances without a credit check. Customers are permitted to trade their rental for the newest model and may use a loaner if a product needs to be repaired. All rentals include delivery and setup free of


Customers make payments online to Rent-A-Center stores by visiting the online payment portal of the company's website and creating a payment account. Payments are processed through a credit or debit card, with options for one-time or recurring payments.


Aaron's and Rent-A-Center are very comparable when it comes to contract terms and flexible payment plans. The prices are also fairly similar, although it is worth checking both stores for the best price.


Some alternatives to renting physical copies of movies include online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Digital copies of movies can also be purchased from services such as iTunes or Amazon Video. YouTube and Crackle also feature movies to watch for free.


As of 2015, Rent-A-Center does not offer a hard copy catalog, but the chain's website lists available items and allows site visitors to enter their ZIP codes to see prices and availability for local stores. In addition, the firm offers weekly ads and specials by email.


The requirements to rent a car vary among rental car companies, but the general stipulations include the possession of a major credit card in the driver's name, a valid driver's license and active auto insurance. The standard age requirement is 25 years old, although drivers 18 to 24 may incur addit


Rent-A-Center offers appliances such as refrigerators, ranges and freezers for rent. Other appliances available for rent include dishwashers, room and window air conditioners, and washers and dryers.


Rent-A-Center includes free delivery and setup with each purchase, as of April 2015. These services are available to customers who pay for their purchase upfront, use the 90-day payment plan or who make weekly payments.


The primary advantages of renting a house rather than buying it are mobility, reduced maintenance, less need for cash up front and lower overall costs. In most areas of the country, a person who plans to stay in one place less than five years comes out ahead by renting.


It is possible to rent houses for parties and celebrations on BigDomain. The website provides houses for rent in several countries, including the U.S., England, Italy and France.