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It is the responsibility of each applicant to obtain current information regarding renewal requirements from the employing school district or Bureau of Educator Certification. Requirements for Renewal Applications Received On or After July 1, 2014


Reinstatement of your expired Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate. When It is Time to Renew!, an application for Renewal of your Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate will automatically be opened for you which must be submitted before your certificate expires*


Teaching Certification Renewal. If the Florida Bureau of Educator Certification issues you a Temporary Certificate, it is valid for three school years. During this time, you must meet all the qualifications for a Professional Certificate.


Florida Teacher Certification Renewal Requirements. If you are employed by a public school district in Florida, request a district application form for certificate renewal from your school district and submit the completed application form to your employing school district.


Florida Educators Earning Credit with Study.com. As an educator in the state of Florida, you need to fulfill several requirements in order to renew your teaching certificate.


The Florida Department of Education requires that educators earn six semester hours of college credit every five years as part of their certificate renewal. Our courses can also help with reinstatement requirements. Per F.S. 1012.585, effective July 1, 2014, recertification candidates must take the equivalent of at least 1 credit hour of ...


Teachers in Florida use online courses to meet FL requirements, keep their FL teaching certificate current and renew a FL teaching certificate. Semester Graduate Credit - college credit courses, through a regionally accredited university.


The School District of Lee County is responsible for renewing the certificates of its employees, once an application is submitted. You may obtain information on the requirements for renewal by visiting the Professional Development Certification Renewal site and the Florida Educator Certification Renewal Requirements page. Renewal Application ...


Please read the Florida Educator Certification Renewal Requirements and contact the Bureau of Educator Certification to ask questions about renewing your certificate. When you are ready, use the Florida Educator Certification Online Application to apply for renewal of your certification. We encourage you to complete your classes in a timely ...


RENEWING A PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE . Requirements for Renewal. Six (6) semester hours of college credit to include at least one (1) semester hour in teaching students with disabilities (SWD) must be earned during each renewal period to renew your certificate.