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How to Clean Soot from Brick. A fireplace can be a cozy addition to any home, but one of the inevitable byproducts is soot on the surrounding bricks. Because soot has a propensity to leave lasting stains on the material it comes in contact...


Soot stains over a fireplace can ruin a focal point in a room and detract from the beauty of the stone, tile, or brick facing. Long thought to be irremovable, there are some new techniques and products that can do the job. Soot stains are one of the most difficult stains to remove, especially if bricks or stones are porous rather than hard.


When cleaning your fireplace, sprinkle damp coffee grounds over the cooled ashes to keep down the dust. Soot and Smoke Residue Cleaning: Most often when people recommend solutions to clean soot and tar off brick, they will suggest a harsh chemical cleanser, something involving a wire brush, or a solution of acid.


How to remove soot from brick. We explain the different types of brick, what soot actually is and why it's so stubborn and difficult to clean. How to remove soot from brick. We explain the different types of brick, what soot actually is and why it's so stubborn and difficult to clean.


Most of the time, it's no real trouble removing soot from a brick fireplace. All you need is chemical cleanser and a coarse brush. However, when the brick fireplace is painted, you must use great care or you'll likely damage the finish, or at bare minimum, cause some discoloration.


How to Clean Dirty Bricks in a Fireplace. A fireplace is so cozy and relaxing, right up to the point you notice the very large amount of black soot built up on the front of the bricks. Have you ever put on "blinders" to avoid being distracted by something? Well, I'm pretty good at it myself.


Buy a dust mask, a metal bucket with a lid to contain ashes, and a commercial cleaner designed to remove soot and smoke stains from brick, stone, and glass (all products available at local ...


After using a dry brush or sponge to remove as much loose soot as possible, spray the bricks with the solution. Let it sit for a few minutes and spray once more. While the bricks are still wet from the second application, take a scrub brush and work from the bottom up (to avoid streaking) in small circular motions.


This is a guide about cleaning soot from bricks. Soot on your fireplace bricks can be unsightly. In addition to a number of spray cleaners that can help remove the stains, you may find that a soot sponge does the job too.