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Use a commercial adhesive stripper to soften and remove the glue from the concrete after you've pulled off the vinyl. The easiest ones to use are water-soluble and contain citric acid, but you may need a solvent-based one to remove some adhesives.


DIY Tips For How To Remove Vinyl Flooring, Old Linoleum Or Glue. ... How To Remove Linoleum Or Vinyl Flooring From Concrete. This is probably the easiest type of subfloor to get linoleum or vinyl off of, but it's still no picnic. Cut it into strips about 6 inches wide. Pull the linoleum up in strips to reveal the linoleum glue.


Let’s be clear: It’s no fun to remove vinyl flooring. Peeling up the material itself is no picnic, but the real trial is to get rid of the glue that had been securing the vinyl to the subfloor.


How to Remove Vinyl Flooring from Concrete. To procedure for installing vinyl flooring is time-consuming but removing it is equally labor intensive. It is not enough to know how to install vinyl flooring, you need to know how to remove it too. To remove vinyl flooring, you will first need a few essential supplies.


Vinyl tile adheres so well to clean, dry concrete that some installers leave it in place when it's time for a new floor. This practice is a gamble, however, and can lead to problems later on.


If you are removing vinyl flooring that has asbestos, getting an asbestos removal company to remove it is the best method of having it removed because they have experience and equipment necessary for removing asbestos materials and will know the best and safest way to remove it from your home. ... vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl, laminate or ...


With your other hand, keep peeling back the sheet vinyl. When it gets too long (about a foot or so), cut it off with a utility knife to make it easier for you to work. As you start pulling off the sheet vinyl, it may seem deceptively easy. You might actually be de-laminating the sheet vinyl rather than removing all of the flooring.


Used wood stripper to try to start removing indoor/outdoor carpet glue from concrete on my daughter's veranda. Much to our relief, tiler said not necessary - he just tiled over the glue remnants. Said as long as surface - vinyl, etc. (not carpeting) is well adhered, removal of it is not necessary for tiling. Hope this helps.