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To get rid of rats in your attic, identify the spots where the pests enter the area, track their runways, and use snap traps with a suitable bait to catch the rats. To prevent further entry, seal all cracks and small openings in the home, clean the yard, and trim the bushes.


Some environmentally safe ways of getting rid of rats are to use traps, either lethal or catch and release, or sticky strips. You can also fight nature with nature and have a house or barn cat rid you of your rat problem.


To remove mold from an attic, remove any materials on which it is growing, including plywood, carpets and wallboard. Spray any materials that you cannot remove with a moldicide. Prevent future mold growth by repairing any leaks and creating adequate ventilation in the space.


Most of the time, old insulation that is no longer working properly can be covered up by new insulation. However, insulation that has been damaged by fire, water or a rodent infestation can be removed and replaced with new material. You need an asbestos home testing kit, plastic tarps, a long-sleeve


Problem-Attic is an online database of thousands of questions designed for standardized tests, such as the New York State Regents Exams and various state assessments. Educators and people preparing for tests can use the site to obtain practice problems and other materials, such as worksheets and sli


To remove bats from the attic, seal holes through which bats enter and leave the attic, and install a one-way exclusion device in their primary exit holes. This way bats will be able to fly out at night, but won't be able to enter the attic again. Once there are no more bats in the attic, take off t


To remove mold from an attic, seal and dry the affected area, remove any mold-covered material, use an appropriate cleaning solution, use a dry-ice gun, and sand or wire-brush the affected areas. Once the mold has been removed, coat all of the attic's surfaces with an antimicrobial or mold-inhibitin


A one-way travel control device is the easiest way to remove bats from an attic, as it lets bats fly out of the attic but does not allow them in. Due to health and legal issues surrounding bats, it's important to hire a professional to remove them from the attic.


The cost to remove mold from an attic or crawlspace ranges from $2,000 to $6,000, as of September 2015. If the mold spreads to the attic, it is also likely to have spread to other ducts, crawlspaces and walls, making the price higher. If the mold is confined to a single crawlspace, the removal cost


The two most common pest species of rat are both native to Asia. Extensive human travel has resulted in their spread around the world. In fact, one of the common names for Rattus rattus, the black rat, is the ship rat, because they so frequently infest large ships.