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6. Add a Popcorn Ceiling Cleaner. The bleach will have cleared out the most intensive stains around your ceiling. A popcorn ceiling cleaner can be applied in the next step to improve upon how well the bleach works and to keep the ceiling from becoming discolored. A product like the Instagone Stain Remover can work.


Step 5 - Add Popcorn Ceiling Cleaning Solution. After 24 hours have passed, examine your popcorn ceiling for stains and water marks. If your ceiling is completely clean, remove the drop cloths from the room. If there are still stains, spray a popcorn ceiling cleaning solution over the area.


Try to Remove the Stain. There are two main ways to attack a water stain on a popcorn ceiling – drawing the stain out or covering it up. The first way to try and draw the stain out is with a concoction of bleach and water mixed into a spray bottle.


I have a popcorn ceiling and there is a dark water stain in the center.I have found the source of the water leak and it has been fixed. Now I need to fix the area to blend in with the rest of the ceiling. The popcorn texture/stucco/cottage cheese material in the water damaged area does not look the same as the rest of the ceiling.


Step-by-Step Guide: Just follow these instructions on how to effectively remove water stains from your ceiling.. 1.Locate the source of the water stain or moisture. Check the pipes or the fixture above your ceiling.


Cleaning the stained area of the ceiling with a mild homemade bleach solvent (one cup of bleach and three cups of warm water) will fade the stain and remove any lingering mildew, grease, dirt, or ...


Covering stains on a popcorn ceiling can be difficult. The textured material that was sprayed on the ceiling years ago may fall off in pieces if you touch it with a roller or brush. It is even more likely if there has been water damage. Make sure that underlying water leaks and wet materials have been fixed, or like a perennial plant the stain ...


Before you can get water stains off of your drywall ceiling, first you will need to eliminate the source of the moisture, otherwise, the stains will just keep coming back. Once the problem is solved, put on safety glasses and gloves and blot the stain with a mixture of one part water and one part bleach.


STEP 3: Test a cleaner on a hidden part of the ceiling before attacking stains. Before you attempt to fade or remove stains caused by water, smoke, or grease, test a small, inconspicuous area of ...