A temporary tattoo can be removed with baby oil, and one might be able to remove a permanent tattoo with a salt scrub or homemade chemical peel. There are no truly safe home remedies to remove a permanent tattoo, and mos... More »

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Safe and effective tattoo removal options do not include do-it-yourself options, such as removal with salt (also called salabrasion). The salt removal technique involves rubbing salt over the skin patterned with the tatt... More »

Home tattooing requires a needle, a pencil with an eraser, a ballpoint pen, tattoo ink, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol and a bandage. To create a tattoo, make a tattoo implement, sterilize the needle and the skin, draw a ... More »

While recipes vary, one common recipe for prison tattoo ink comes from boot polish, baby oil and a small amount of water. Other recipes may include pen ink, melted plastic or Styrofoam, and shampoo colored with soot. More »

Removing a homemade tattoo is a virtually identical process to removing any other tattoo. Do not attempt any home remedies, as these rely on chemical irritants. Such products are not illegal, but the Food and Drug Admini... More »

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There are numerous ways to sterilize tattoo needles, including chemical sterilization, boiling, bleaching and flaming. However, the most effective method for tattoo and piercing studios is an autoclave. The materials nee... More »

Fake tattoos are a fun way to express your individuality without the pain and permanence of a traditional tattoo. There are several ways to make temporary tattoos at home, and this easy technique produces professional re... More »

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