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Gasoline spills are some of the worst stains to remove from clothing or carpets. In addition to the stain, you have to deal with the smell. You must also take care because the fuel makes the fabric more flammable.


Gasoline, which you accidentally spill or drip on your clothes, can not only stain them, but also make them smell. Below is a video which gives several tips for removing the gasoline odor from your clothes. Remember, whenever dealing with clothes that have gas on them you need to think of safety first, because gasoline is very flammable.


Gasoline, diesel fuel, or home heating fuel stains and odor can be both difficult and dangerous to remove from clothing and carpeting. The stains make all fabrics and carpets more flammable than normal so it is very important to handle the items carefully.


Even a drip of gasoline is enough to cover your floor, car, or clothes in its unmistakable odor. Get rid of the smell with these fixes.


The OdorKlenz Mobile Air System is versatile enough to remove gasoline odors but is not limited to just gasoline odors and smells but rather focus on removing a broad array of odors which include cooking odors, perfumes, paint, VOCs, new carpet odors, pets, mold odors and mildew smells, and household chemicals.


I am trying to remove jet fuel smell from clothing. Normally I am limited to a laundromat so presoaking would be difficult. I have presoaked in Coke, used borax, baking soda, lemon juice, hanging in the sun, that worked when I had three sunny days, but did not remove it from rubberized material - waist band of underwear, and Lestoil.


Dear Heloise: Do you have any hints for removing GASOLINE SMELL FROM CLOTHING? I have run them through the washer multiple times, but nothing has worked! Help! -- Sandi L. in Montana Yikes and ...


Gasoline is highly flammable, so handle garments soaked in it carefully. As with other types of stains, you may need to wash the item several times, or use multiple methods to get rid of the smell depending on the type of fabric used in the affected clothing.Furthermore, a small stain can be manageable, but if the clothing has been doused with gas, you’re better off tossing it away.


Pumping gas or refilling a gas powered mower or tool are all opportunities for an accidental spill onto your clothes. This is a guide about cleaning gasoline smell from clothing.


Once you get gasoline in the washing machine, you may think you'll have to relocate to get rid of the odor. An explosion or fire can result from washing gasoline or oil-soaked items in your ...