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Alternatives to nail polish remover include clear top or base coat, spray deodorant, perfume and hairspray. A few other simple household items are also useful for removing nail polish, such as cotton balls, wet wipes, cotton swabs, soap, water and moisturizer.


To remove nail polish, soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, firmly press the ball over the nail to loosen the polish, and wipe it off. You need a cotton ball, cotton swab, nail polish remover, soap, paper towels, moisturizer and water.


There are several methods that can be used to remove nail polish without using nail polish remover. You can use wet top coats, spray deodorants, body sprays or hair sprays. To use body sprays, use a Q-tip to apply body spray to your nails before rubbing the polish off.


One easy way to get nail polish off without using nail polish remover is to apply a top coat to your painted nails and then immediately wipe it off with a cotton swab or paper towel. The old nail polish comes off with the clear coat.


To do gel nails at home, shape your nails with a file, and clean them with a cleanser. Apply the polish foundation, cure it under a nail lamp, and apply gel polish. Finally, apply a topcoat and moisturizer.


To remove acrylic nails at home trim the nails, file the surface, and soak the acrylic in acetone to break it down. Care for natural nails by moisturizing them daily.


The part of the hammer that removes nails is called the "claw." It is formed of two curved prongs that are flattened at the tips and on the inside faces to fit under nailheads.


Spray deodorant on skin that has nail polish on it. Rinse the deodorant off by soaking skin in water for a few minutes. Rub the skin with sanitizer to get rid of any trace of polish.


Remove nail polish from fabric by testing the fabric with acetone, placing the garment over a clean towel and applying acetone with a cloth or cotton swab. Apply hydrogen peroxide to remove any remaining color from the fabric. Wash the garment using your normal laundry detergent to complete the proc


The ideal methods for removing fiberglass nails are to either let the nails grow out naturally, or to visit the salon where they were applied to allow a qualified nail technician to address the issue with professional tools. If these options are not practical, About.com recommends removing fiberglas