Remote controlled toys are typically controlled by a transmitter, which sends a signal over a frequency to the receiver that sits in the toy being controlled. The transmitter has a power source, usually a battery, which ... More »

Several brands of remote controlled model vehicle manufacturers have lines of plow trucks, including Revell and Oshkosh. Some manufacturers also sell special kits that allow owners to modify an existing remote controlled... More » Hobbies & Games Toys,,, and are some retailers that sell 4x4 remote-controlled trucks. Each of these retailers offers a wide variety of truck styles and prices. More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

A radio-frequency remote control works by sending a radio signal from a transmitter to a receiver, which activates motors inside the radio-controlled device. A radio-controlled toy helicopter, for example, only requires ... More »

An auto keyless entry system has two components: a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. Both units work in the same radio frequency. When a driver pushes the button on his transmitter fob, the transmitter sends a specif... More » Technology

Walkie-talkies are small portable radios with both a receiver and a transmitter. They can both broadcast and pick up radio signals and make for an easy way to communicate when cellphone signals are not available. More »

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