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Universal remote controls, and those intended to operate peripheral devices, usually require some programming prior to use. Remote controls which come with a specific piece of electronic equipment are preset to function with device and generally will need no additional programming to function proper


Cable and satellite television providers such as Dish Network provide technical support for their remote controls through telephone support and on their official websites. Electronics websites such as URCSupport.com also provide technical support for remote controls.


Manufacturers use many different programming codes, but many reuse codes for their remote controls, so programming a remote manually typically requires trying multiple codes that individual manufacturers use. Input these codes using a remote's manual programming feature. These vary among manufacture


Remote control software allows a user to access a computer over a network or the Internet. These programs require server software on the remote computer and client software on the computer accessing it.


A universal remote control is a controller that is programmed to operate multiple different electronic devices of different types and manufacturers. A single universal remote control can functionally replace several individual device remote controls.


To program a car remote, switch on the dash light, press Lock on the remote, and switch off the dash lights. Repeat this step in quick succession four times, and allow the system to enter the programming mode. Now, press Lock again, and switch off the ignition.


The U-verse Easy Remote app allows users to turn an iPhone, iPad or Android device into a remote control for a U-verse digital TV receiver. As of 2015, there are a number of U-verse-enabled apps that allow users to connect to and control U-verse digital TV receivers.


Program home theater remote controls by manually entering the control codes for each device, scanning the devices, automatically acquiring the codes or entering the devices online, and programming the controller remotely. Specific procedures depend on the brand and model of the remote control, and n


The steps to programming a remote from Pioneer vary between models. The basic operation includes holding down the remote's main setup button before entering the specific manufacturer code of the TV or device in question.


Programming a DISH Network remote control requires users to enter the proper remote control code for the additional unit or units that the remote will operate. There are three ways to program the DISH Network code into the remote.