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The full line of Remington razor parts is directly available to order online at Remington.com. Click on Spare Parts in the main menu bar to browse available products. Remington razor parts are also available for purchase at national retailers and online, as listed on the website. Large retailers lik


The Remington Arms Company is a manufacturer of firearms. The company was founded in 1816, and it is the oldest operating firearms manufacturer in North America.


Remington Arms Company offers owner's manuals for the brand's current firearm models, along with an online request form for obsolete model manuals, on its website. Current model manuals are available to download in PDF file format, free of charge.


Some styles of Remington tables include dining tables, sofa tables, pool tables and coffee tables. Many tables are elaborately carved with the exception of tables made from salvaged timber.


The Remington Country, U.S.A. website offers Remington parts for sale online as of 2015. Remington parts are also available through various third-party sellers for online sale.


Remington Arms introduced the Remington Model Four in 1981, which was a redesign from the Remington Model 7400 autoloading rifle. This firearm is a semiautomatic, gas-operated action rifle, which automatically chambers ammunition from a detachable, four-round magazine after a trigger pull, but does


The Remington Model 25 was a series of slide-action and pump-action rifles. They were produced between 1885 and 1935. A number of variations were made during this time.


A Remington electric pole saw is composed of a trigger switch, latch lever, hand guard, chain, bar, oil cap, bracket kit, sprocket kit, E-ring, adjustment plate, sprocket cover, a sprocket and a pole extension. The chain of the pole saw may be one of two different designs.


There are many different razor brands, including electric razors such as Phillips, Remington and Braun, and manual disposable and refillable razors like Bic, Gillette and Venus. The number one ranked razor is Gillette, according to Ranker's list.


The Remington 11-87 is a semiautomatic shotgun made by American gun manufacturer Remington Arms. It is based on the Remington 1100 and was introduced in 1987.