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Different religions could be found in New York Colony, such as Quaker, Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic and Judaism. New York Colony was founded as New Sweden, in 1626, by Peter Minuit and was later renamed New Netherlands. The Duke of York gained control, in 1664, and rena...


The southern colonies had many different religions, but were primarily Anglicans or Baptists. The middle colonies also had many different religions, which included Catholics, Jews and Quakers.


The prevailing religion of the New England Colonies was Christianity, but along markedly different lines to the Anglican Church (or Church of England) that the settlers had fled. The Puritan approach to Christianity was to distance their practices from Catholicism, a ta...


The Middle Colonies accommodated a diverse mix of religions that included Quakers, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Amish, Congregationalists and Jews. Because of various colonial masters in the area, religious traditions from many European countries existed in the area. The M...


The 13 colonies were the original British colonies in the Americas, which later banded together to stage the American Revolution and become the United States. These colonies were located along the East Coast and included Virginia, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


The religion of colonial Connecticut was primarily Puritan. The Puritans were part of the Reform movement and wanted to purify the Anglican Church of corruption. They left Europe for the Americas in search of religious freedom.


The Delaware Colony did not have one specific religion, which then opened it up to religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics, Jews and more. The Charter of Delaware specifically stated that there was no one religion to subscribe to, but instead offered its residents a ch...