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A relieving letter is issued by the human resources department of a company to an employee that has resigned formally from his or her position. It is a formal acknowledgement from the company that the resignation was accepted.


A job relieving letter is written to accept the resignation of an employee or to terminate an employee. The letter needs to contain information about the employee's position, start and end dates and the reason for resignation or termination. If the employee is resigning...


An employment offer letter is a written offer of a position with a company. The letter includes the terms and conditions of employment, which were most likely discussed in an interview prior to the letter.


Common and effective tactics used in cover letter introductions include mentioning references, listing qualifications and introducing a creative hook. The introduction of a cover letter is tailored to the applicant’s personal circumstances and the job for which the indi...


A cover letter should be no more than one page in length. According to a Saddleback College Resume Survey, 70 percent of employers prefer the cover letter to be less than a page in length and just over 24 percent said the shorter the better.


Examples of an employment reference letter includes praise of an individual's personality, his work experience and educational background. The letter should outline the reasons why the applicant would be a great addition to the company or position he's applying for. Gen...


A letter offering employment includes a direct statement that the company is offering a specific position to the recipient, and includes the title of the job and the starting salary or rate of payment. It also outlines the date on which the job begins, the initial tasks...