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Individuals can listen to good relaxation music on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon Prime music and YouTube. These websites are popular music streaming services and have categories from relaxing music to party music that their members can listen to depending on their moods.


Find relaxing music online by downloading free music from Incompetech and Audionautix. Although both websites also offer music players that work within Internet browsers, the players play songs only once and cannot play more than a single song.


Relax your back by slowly and gently stretching in a comfortable position, but do not bounce. If you feel pain while performing any stretch, stop immediately.


Examples of words that are related to relaxation include warmth, peace, enjoy, smile and light. Additional words that are considered relaxing are caress, breeze, water and breathe.


After relaxing hair the first time, it is typical to touch-up all new hair growth about every eight weeks, or when the new hair is typically 1/2 to 1 inch long. It's not necessary to relax the older hair because it's already permanently straight from a previous relaxing treatment.


A no-base relaxer is a relaxer formula that includes a protective cream so that a protective base does not have to be applied to the scalp first. No-base relaxers also contain lower concentrations of lye, which means they are less likely to irritate the scalp.


To relax hair, protect the hair line with petroleum jelly, apply a relaxer cream to 1-inch hair sections, rub each section from the scalp to the tip to remove the curl, and after the wait time recommended by the manufacturer, rinse the relaxer out. Use a neutralizing shampoo, and moisturize.


The ideal frequency for relaxing hair is between 6 to 12 weeks. Each person's hair requires different levels of care, so a professional hair stylist should be consulted for the most accurate estimate.


Hair relaxer lasts between six and eight weeks. This is a lotion that makes the hair softer and a lot easier to manage; this is an ideal solution to reduce unwanted curling in hair. Because this is not a permanent straightening method, some touch-ups are required from time to time.


Creating a sleep ritual is one of the best ways to relax before bed. Taking a warm shower or bath about 30 minutes before bed is a good strategy. Another way to relax before bed is by reading or listening to relaxing music.