Caucasian hair is the hair which grows from the heads of Caucasian, or white, people. It is one of three hair categories; Caucasian, Asian and African. Caucasian hair can be fine or coarse or straight, wavy or curly. It ... More »

Motions Hair Relaxer is a relaxing hair care product that removes curls, leaving hair straight, smooth and silky. It includes conditioning ingredients so that hair isn't damaged during the relaxing process. More »

African American inventor and clothing manufacturer Garrett Augustus Morgan invented hair relaxer in 1877, according to Sisters With Beauty. He subsequently founded the Hair Refining Company to sell his product. The orig... More »

The age at which people grow armpit hair varies, but for boys it is often between the ages of nine and 14. Girls typically begin to grow this hair between eight and 13 years of age. More »

According to MSN Healthy Living, most hairs that are swallowed just pass through the digestive tract and are eliminated in the feces. Hair isn't digestible due to its structure. More »

Hair resists the decomposition process, and different types of hair have different degrees of resistance. Hair has an exterior cuticle composed of scales that overlap and protect the hair from the normal mechanisms that ... More » Science Human Anatomy

People do tend to experience seasonal hair loss, especially in the fall months of October and November. Two primary theories have been presented as to why this phenomenon occurs. More »