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Caucasian hair is the hair which grows from the heads of Caucasian, or white, people. It is one of three hair categories; Caucasian, Asian and African. Caucasian hair can be fine or coarse or straight, wavy or curly. It typically ranges in color from very dark brown to light blonde.


To relax hair, protect the hair line with petroleum jelly, apply a relaxer cream to 1-inch hair sections, rub each section from the scalp to the tip to remove the curl, and after the wait time recommended by the manufacturer, rinse the relaxer out. Use a neutralizing shampoo, and moisturize.


White people can use hair relaxers, or chemical hair treatments, to straighten curly or frizzy hair. White people's hair does have different hair curl patterns than other ethnicities' hair, so lye-based products may be too strong for certain hair types.


The word "Caucasian" refers to the countries from the Caucasus region at the border of Europe and Asia. These countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia and Turkey.


Some ways to grow and maintain relaxed hair is to use the correct strength relaxer, not to relax hair too frequently, not to overlap relaxer onto formerly relaxed hair and not to wait too long to relax new growth. Leaving relaxer on hair for too long can cause damage.


African American inventor and clothing manufacturer Garrett Augustus Morgan invented hair relaxer in 1877, according to Sisters With Beauty. He subsequently founded the Hair Refining Company to sell his product. The original relaxer was made with soap and alkaline chemicals, which are still used in


Hair relaxer lasts between six and eight weeks. This is a lotion that makes the hair softer and a lot easier to manage; this is an ideal solution to reduce unwanted curling in hair. Because this is not a permanent straightening method, some touch-ups are required from time to time.


The ideal frequency for relaxing hair is between 6 to 12 weeks. Each person's hair requires different levels of care, so a professional hair stylist should be consulted for the most accurate estimate.


Only one breed of dog, the Caucasian Ovcharka, is referred to as a Caucasian. However, the Caucasian Ovcharka belongs to a breed group known as Molossers, which also includes Tibetan Mastiffs, Boxers and English Bulldogs.


Hair can be relaxed and colored at the same time, depending on the condition of the hair. Performing the two treatments together causes the hair to become significantly more porous, which can lead to brittle and dry hair.