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Gadgets Regulate your body's temperature with this wearable bracelet. Intel "Make it Wearable" finalist Wristify is a personal cooling and heating device that you wear on your wrist.


Body temperature regulation in humans is carried out by the brain and involves our skin, sweat gland and blood vessels. It is really very difficult to comment on what could be wrong. Hypothyroid state is generally the commonest cause for this. You can get a repeat thyroid profile and also antibody test to rule out autoimmune Hashimotos.


a group of students at MIT have developed ‘wristify’, a thermoelectric bracelet capable of changing human body temperature. the device works by monitoring air and skin temperature and sending ...


The device’s inventors claim it can change body temperature by up to 0.4 degrees Celsius per second. Making folks like me more comfortable isn’t really the goal, though. Conceivably, the device could make it possible to heat or cool individuals, rather than wasting energy running the air conditioner full blast in the summer.


Device helps regulate body temperature. Your days of shivering through a movie or sweating through a presentation at work may be over. It's all thanks to a device acting as a portable thermostat ...


Abnormally low temperature or hypothermia can lead to numerous complications. Temperature management products aid in the regulation and maintenance of normal body temperature in operating rooms, recover rooms, intensive care units and other areas of hospitals throughout the world. 11


Some mothers can tell if a child is running a fever just by putting a hand on his forehead. However, for those lacking this talent, there are a variety of instruments at hand to help determine body temperature. Some of these instruments can be found at home, while others are more likely to be found in a doctor’s ...


To regulate body temperature, an organism may need to prevent heat gains in arid environments. Evaporation of water, either across respiratory surfaces or across the skin in those animals possessing sweat glands, helps in cooling body temperature to within the organism's tolerance range.


Keeping your baby warm enough and worrying that she's too cool or even too warm is natural as she is unable to regulate her own body temperature during the first few weeks of life. According to Dr. David Geller of the Babycenter, you know she is not too warm or too cold if she is sleeping ...


how it works. Warm or cool instantly. Embr Wave's patented technology cools or warms the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist in waves, creating a natural response that makes you feel 5°F more comfortable overall.