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Illustrated definition of Regular Polygon: A polygon is regular when all angles are equal and all sides are equal (otherwise it is irregular). ... Show Ads. Hide Ads ... A polygon is regular when all angles are equal and all sides are equal (otherwise it is "irregular"). This is a regular pentagon (a 5-sided polygon). See: Polygon.


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What is a regular polygon? If you do not know, you have come to the right place! In this lesson, you will learn how to spot a regular polygon in a...


Rr; regular polygons • regular polygons have all sides equal and all angles equal. EXAMPLES:


Pp; polygon • a plane shape having three or more straight sides. • polygons may be regular with all sides and angles equal, or irregular with varying side and angle sizes.


Illustrated definition of Irregular Polygon: A polygon that does not have all sides equal and all angles equal. (A polygon is regular only when all angles...


Educational Videos and songs for Kids. A polygon is formed by a closed polygonal line and the space inside it. To understand what that means, watch this straight line become a polygonal line as it ...


Regular or Irregular: In a polygon all the perceptions are equal and all the faces are equal is called as regular polygon otherwise it is called as irregular polygon. Names of polygon for kids: Based on the number of sides and the internal angle of the polygon shape the name of the polygon can be differing. Definition of Triangle:


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This quiz was made to provide you with a quick way to find out how well you understand what a polygon and regular polygon are. You may print out a...