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The capital and largest city of Zimbabwe is Harare. Harare has a total area of about 370 square miles at an elevation approaching 5,000 feet above sea level. The city had a population of about 1.6 million people as of 2009.


The natural resources of Zimbabwe are coal, chromium ore, asbestos, gold, nickel, copper, iron ore, vanadium, lithium, tin and the platinum group metals. The main products that Zimbabwe exports includes precious stones, precious metals, tobacco and ores.


The hyperinflation in Zimbabwe was caused by a combination of poor economic policies, corruption and the unrestricted printing of money in an attempt to support the economy. President Mugabe's land redistribution scheme began the inflationary spiral, triggering collapses in the agricultural, banking


Traditional dress in Zimbabwe includes a wraparound cloth, headdress and ornaments, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The people of Zimbabwe no longer wear these types of clothing on a regular basis. Some choose traditional dress for ceremonial or state occasions, such as Heroes' Day or I


Register a company by, firstly, determining its business structure as this determines the registration process. Regardless of structure, you must register your company name with your state and obtain a federal tax ID. Lastly, register your business with the state revenue office, and obtain necessary


To register a new company, establish it with the proper state agencies and fulfill the tax and permit requirements. Ensure the business and its employees have the proper insurance coverage. Determine if your company needs to fulfill additional requirements by checking with your local chamber of comm


Generally, owners of businesses organized as corporations, limited liability companies and certain types of partnerships register their new names by including the name in the business formation document filed with a state agency, while sole proprietors can register their business names by filing a "


To register a will, submit the will's original copy to relevant authorities, including the state registrar of wills and probate court clerk, according to LegalZoom. It is also possible to register the will by filing it privately with an appropriate service provider.


Soon-to-be married couples traditionally register for items, such as china, silverware and flatware. However, a variety of stores have gift registries, enabling engaged couples to register for a wide variety of items.


While no comprehensive database exists allowing users to search for all U.S. company names at once, individual states provide searchable databases. In addition, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission allows searches of all public companies, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a searcha