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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, registering a business involves a business owner complying with the business laws of a state where the business is formed or located. The steps associated with business registration depend on the legal structure of the business and the state's spe


To register a business name, check whether the name is available for use, present it to your state’s Secretary of State, and register the trademark with the federal government. By registering your business name with the state’s Secretary of State, you prevent other businesses from using the same nam


To register a will, submit the will's original copy to relevant authorities, including the state registrar of wills and probate court clerk, according to LegalZoom. It is also possible to register the will by filing it privately with an appropriate service provider.


A school register, also known as an attendance register, is an official list of students who are present at the institution. Typically, a school attendance register is updated daily, either electronically or physically.


The right Royal cash register for a business depends on the business transaction requirements, as Royal sells cash registers ranging from portable and basic to touch-screen cash registers with 12-inch liquid crystal displays. A complete list of Royal cash registers is available via the Cash Register


In most cases, the only way to determine if a television is registered with a warranty is to contact the manufacturer and provide its model, serial number and you name, and request that they check their records. Some manufacturers also associate the registration to an online account that allows you


Heat registers are the grates used by air conditioning, venting and heating systems. They cover the duct work that allows air to flow between the main unit and individual areas of a structure. Heat registers may be located in the walls, flooring or ceiling.


A checkbook register is an index used to track transactions from a bank account, notes The Mint. Checkbook registers typically include columns for the payee, date, check number, debits, credits and balance.


The Federal Register is a legal newspaper that covers federal agency rules and regulations, proposed rules, public notices and presidential documents. The primary purpose is to notify citizens of their rights and responsibilities, document federal agency activities and provide notice of federal bene


To register your email with the Line app, go to the More tab, tap Settings, tap Accounts, and then tap Email Registration or Email Account Registration. Enter the email and password, and tap Email Verification. Enter the verification code, and tap OK to register the email.