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To register a business name, check whether the name is available for use, present it to your state’s Secretary of State, and register the trademark with the federal government. By registering your business name with the state’s Secretary of State, you prevent other businesses from using the same nam


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, registering a business involves a business owner complying with the business laws of a state where the business is formed or located. The steps associated with business registration depend on the legal structure of the business and the state's spe


Generally, owners of businesses organized as corporations, limited liability companies and certain types of partnerships register their new names by including the name in the business formation document filed with a state agency, while sole proprietors can register their business names by filing a "


To register a will, submit the will's original copy to relevant authorities, including the state registrar of wills and probate court clerk, according to LegalZoom. It is also possible to register the will by filing it privately with an appropriate service provider.


Soon-to-be married couples traditionally register for items, such as china, silverware and flatware. However, a variety of stores have gift registries, enabling engaged couples to register for a wide variety of items.


Nolo reports to choose a name for a business registered as a sole proprietorship, all that is required is to think up a name and register it. Some jurisdictions may also require a search of names to ensure a given name is not already in use.


Unique names, everyday word names, name-based names, obvious names and trendy names are some popular names for businesses. Unique names are often made up to ensure that no other business has the name. Xerox is an example of a unique business name. Name-based business names, such as Johnson & Johnson


Tips for naming a business include keeping it short and easy to pronounce, choosing one that is available on the appropriate social media platforms, focusing on a name that conveys the meaning of the company, and avoiding unnecessary stylizations. It may also help to choose a name that sounds approp


There are several factors that should be considered when choosing a name for a new business; these include how it will appeal to the intended clients and how it will look on the logo, on the web and on social media. Once budding entrepreneurs have decided on a name, among the most important steps th


When naming a new business, choose a name that is easy to remember and to say out loud, and avoid trendy names, since in a few years they aren't trendy anymore. Research the name thoroughly to be sure it is not already being used.