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2. File a Fictitious Business Name. If you use a business name that is different from your legal name, Pennsylvania requires you to register a fictitious business name with the Secretary of State. This is a mandatory requirement in Pennsylvania. To file your fictitious name you must fill out the Fictitious Business Name Registration Form from ...


The main reason people choose to register a fictitious name is that they are not interested in taking the steps necessary to create an entity such as a limited liability company. Although submitting a PA DBA registration will complete the requirements for registering business names in Pennsylvania, there are serious risks that must be considered.


To register your business name, you’ll need to prepare and file a document with the following details: – A Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). – Proof of a registered business structure in the state of Pennsylvania. – A fictitious name registration (when applicable).


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The journey to setting up a PA, an LLC, a PLLC, or some other business structure doesn't stop with identifying your preferred approach to business. You must select a name for the business. Next, you must register the company name with the state, after ensuring no other business in the state has the same name.


Registering Your Business Name with Your Locality. In addition to registering your business name with your state, you may need to register your business with the city or county where your business is operating. This name registration is called a "doing business as" or business license. The purpose is to let people know who owns your business.


If your small business uses cars for deliveries, transporting passengers or if you want to brand your vehicle with a company logo, it might make sense to purchase and register a vehicle in your business' name. Company cars could also give you more control over things like GPS tracking, driving policies and more.


After choosing a business name for your new company, you will want to register it to prevent others from using it. There are several ways to accomplish this. Determining the best way to register a business name will take into consideration several factors, such as the business structure, the geographical area in which the company will operate, and the extent of protection needed.


Business listings will include name of business, registered office address, type of entity and filing date. Officer information is supplied for corporations only, if available. Owner information is supplied for fictitious names, if available.


Pennsylvania’s online business document filing system After May 29, 2020, PennFile will integrate with the Business One-Stop Shop. The Commonwealth is adopting a universal login system called Keystone Login for use in doing business with any Commonwealth agency.