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Tootsie Roll Industries became the distributor of Regal Crown Sours throughout the entire United States. In the 1960’s The National Confectioner’s Association ranked Regal Crown Sours the sixth best selling candy in the U.S. in all candy classes, ranked just behind the likes of Milky Way, Almond Joy, Snickers & Baby Ruth.


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Bringing you authentic sour cherry candy since 1953! Hard candy rolls from Regal Crown are pucker-up sour in flavor and big on nostalgia.


These were originally from England and years ago were a very popular candy in America. They are back and still taste great with a fruity and tart taste. What a cool retro candy gift for the sour cherry lover on your list. Each roll has 7 pieces.


A great way to enjoy a long-time favorite, our Regal Crown & Reed's Hard Candy Rolls Nostalgic Pack is a whole lot of warm fuzzies in one order! This pack contains Regal Crown Sour Cherry and Sour Lemon, as well as Reed's Butterscotch, Cinnamon, and Root Beer candies.


Albanese Confectionery offers a large selection of distributed items including all distributed items and Regal Crown Sour Cherry Roll.


Happy New Year to all of the Reed’s and Regal Crown fans out there!! As we get farther into 2013, we are getting closer to our goal of bringing back two truly iconic candies from the past, Regal Crown and Reed’s hard candy. We believe that by June, we will be able to start taking […]


We have these Regal Crown Sour Cherry Hard Candy Rolls that are sure to blow you away! A solid choice for any cherry lover, our Regal Crown Sour Cherry Hard Candy Rolls are not to be missed! There are 7 individually wrapped pieces in each roll and each roll has a net weight of 1.01 ounces.


Regal Crown Sour Cherry is like taking a trip down memory lane. 1.01-oz Roll/Case of 24 at allcitycandy.com, Online home to Nostalgic Candy and so much more.


Regal Crown Sour Cherry Rolls have been a favorite for decades. These hard candies are packed with a burst of Sour Cherry flavor that makes you pucker and smile at the same time. One of the best retro candies around! Each box contains 26 Regal Crown Sour