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A refurbished phone is one that is not new but has been restored and tested to match the standards and specifications of a new phone, explains NewEgg.com. The term refurbishment is used as such phones cannot legally be sold as new.


A refurbished product is a used product that has been tested and repaired to make it operationally equivalent to a new product of the same kind. The testing typically includes checking individual parts and replacing any parts that show significant signs of wear or imminent failure.


Begin setting up a pool table for a game of eight-ball by placing a corner of the rack, or triangle, on the dot at one end of the table. The other corners should be parallel with the nearest short end of the table. Next, place the solid-colored yellow one-ball in the top corner over the dot.


Best Buy and Overstock.com are two places where consumers can find a wide selection of refurbished and used cell phones. Best Buy offers refurbished electronics of all kinds, both online and at its physical locations.


Local refurbished stores can be found in online business directories, by contacting desired product manufacturers or at well-known refurbished product sellers such as Best Buy, Apple and Gamestop. Outside of electronics, refurbished items often come from former product displays, previously leased it


Eight-ball and nine-ball are two very common games for billiards tables. Eight-ball is played with 15 balls, where one player is responsible for pocketing only the solid balls (except the eight-ball), and the other player is responsible for pocketing only the striped balls.


The best way to move a pool table is to disassemble the table, carefully labeling each piece, and then reassemble the table in its new location. Required tools are a staple puller, flat head screwdriver, safety goggles, socket wrench and power drill.


Install a pool table by moving the frame that contains the slate into the room where you plan to use it, placing it upside down and attaching the legs. Enlist the help of others to turn the assembled table over, level the slate and begin the felt installation process. Pool table installation is a di


A refurbished iPhone is a pre-owned iPhone being offered for sale that has undergone Apple’s refurbishment process. All units of any product returned to Apple go through the stringent refurbishment process before being offered for sale again.


Good avenues for purchasing inexpensive pool tables include eBay.com, Amazon.com, Craigslist.org, Costco.com and eFamilyFun.com. Amazon, eBay and Craigslist all sell used and refurbished items, making them less expensive. eBay also features auctions, offering another way to buy items at a deep disco