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Examples of work reflections include listing an employee's strengths and weaknesses in the work place. A good reflection or evaluation also focuses on an employee's strengths or talents that have benefited the company.


A reflective question provides respondents with an opportunity to explore their knowledge, experiences and ideas. Reflective questions are thought-provoking and do not have one definite answer.


When sound waves strike a surface, they reflect off of that surface and can return to the source of the sound as an echo. To a listener, this may be identical to the original sound, just delayed and possibly distorted by its path through the air. If the echo arrives quickly enough, it may seem to be


The law of reflection states that when light falls upon a plane surface and is reflected, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. This law is used when the incidence ray, the reflected ray and the normal all fall upon a plane area of incidence.


A reflection is written by comparing an experience to theoretical knowledge and then analyzing that experience based on feelings and the overall outcome. Reflections are used to help students or professionals solidify what they learned through applied knowledge in an experience.


Many educators and professionals hold that participating in reflective practice increases the amount of information retained from a learning exercise. Reflection is thought to be a useful technique for helping to record and retain information when it is practiced during an activity and after an acti


Self-reflection is important because it allows a person to learn from his or her own mistakes and past situations. Ideally, it is a structured way to think positively and make better decisions.


A reflective statement is a statement that portrays thoughts on a specific past experience. Reflective statements are used to understand past events and to learn lessons.


Objects that have very flat and smooth surfaces reflect light the best. These includes things like glass mirrors or objects with polished metal surfaces.


While no living animal subsists on a diet of entire trees, many different animals eat individual portions of trees. For example, animals such as deer, elephants and giraffes consume a large quantity of leaves and fruit, but little else. By contrast, termites are one of the few animals in the world t