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In the case that the reference number gets lost, a sender or receiver can call MoneyGram customer service at 1-800-MoneyGram and provide either the sender's phone number or receiver's name along with send date or amount to obtain the reference number.


Learn how to receive money using MoneyGram. Pick up cash in person or have money transferred directly to your bank account or mobile wallet. Learn more. Help FAQ; Select Country ... Reference Number: Ask your sender for the reference number for the transaction. This number is on the receipt and included in confirmation emails for online transfer.


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How many digits the reference number for moneygram has? 8 Cifre. ... To assess the number of significant digits in a number, you first have to find the greatest non-zero digit. In this case it is ...


Is money gram reference number 8 or 9 digits? Lost my moneygram reference number. I have send money threw money gram and didnt get reference number wht can i do to get it? How can i check online the money they send,,,? track money gram,,,like filling up only the reference number and the sender,,,? Money gram reference number i lost how do i get ...


The reference line on a business letter is a statement describing the main focus of the letter, a number for an account, invoice, etc. or a reference to previous correspondence.


When you pay at a location, you will receive a MoneyGram reference number that confirms your transaction was sent. You may use the Track a Transfer page online or contact 1-800-555-3133 to verify the payment. However, the best way to ensure that your payment has been received by the company is to call the company, give them the reference number ...


A MoneyGram money order can be tracked by calling the company at 800-542-3590. The automated system requests the order number and dollar amount of the money order. If the intended recipient says he has not received the money order after 2 weeks, the sender may request a copy of the order or a refund.


To receive funds at MoneyGram, go to a MoneyGram location with your reference number and personal identification documents. You have to fill out a receiver form and hand it over to a MoneyGram agent, according to MoneyGram.com.