The color scheme of traffic lights is the result of borrowing from railroad signaling schemes of the time, according to Mental Floss. The first traffic lights were green and red, and amber later became the third color to... More »

A red flashing traffic light is the same as a stop sign. Drivers who come upon a blinking red light should stop, and then proceed when the way is clear according to normal driving rules. More » Geography

Traffic lights allow maximum vehicle efficiency at intersections. They also provide a safe and easy to understand signal that tells motorists when it is safe for them to proceed through an intersection. More »

The best way to avoid getting a red light traffic ticket is by stopping when the traffic lights turn red. It is also prudent to make a complete stop whenever there is a stop sign. Traffic laws are implemented to bring or... More »

The use of red for stop signs and other danger indicators dates back to 1841, when British railroad magnate Henry Booth lobbied to standardize the color scheme for all rail yards. In the original schema, green meant "cau... More » Government & Politics Law Driving Laws

In the United States, standard traffic lights rotate in a specific order; they change from green to yellow then red. The U.S. Department of Transportation notes that the timing sequence that guides the length of each seg... More »

A yellow line divides traffic flow in opposite directions, and motors are not allowed to cross the line, according to New York Safety Council. The same rule applies to double yellow lines, but motorists can cross under c... More »