According to Pet Education, healthy rabbits can have red urine because they have ingested a plant-heavy diet, especially if the plants contain beta-carotene. Antibiotics also cause some rabbits to excrete red urine, and ... More »

Albino rabbits have red eyes because a lack of melanin causes the blood vessels in their eyes to be visible. Their eyes actually have no color and are clear. More »

It is normal for there to be a very small number of red blood cells in urine, according to MedlinePlus. However, the exact amount that counts as normal may differ, depending on the laboratory that performs the test. More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Both wild and tame rabbits spray urine to mark their territory due to hormonal urges. This behavior can often be curbed by spaying or neutering the rabbit. More »

Teacup bunnies, or Netherland dwarf rabbits, require a diet consisting of vegetables, hay, water and pellets. Due to their smaller size, their gastrointestinal systems are more delicate than other rabbits, and must be fe... More »

Both captive and wild rabbits are herbivores, sustaining on a diet of vegetation, hay and fruits. Wild rabbits forage for preferred grasses, wild berries and figure out ways into nearby vegetable or flower gardens. More »

Dwarf rabbits need to eat a well balanced diet of hay, pellets, fresh vegetables and fruits, according to the University of Arkansas. The pet foods available for dwarf rabbits at pet food stores are not as nutritious as ... More »