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Red-tailed hawks eat a variety of animals, including rodents and other birds. The birds are also known to eat reptiles, although these make up a smaller part of their diet. The red-tailed hawks' large and powerful talons allow it to prey on relatively large animals.


The red-tailed hawk has very few predators, but crows and great-horned owls prey on baby red-tailed nestlings and eggs. Owls also fight with one another over nesting sites and may kill nestlings and destroy eggs during the process. Fewer than half of all red-tailed hawk...


Red-tailed hawks build their nests by collecting and combining branches that are 1/2-inch thick and 2 to 3 feet long. Red-tailed hawks generally build nests at the top of trees, next to their trunks, or on cliff ledges and tall human-made structures.


The red tail hawk totem refers to a spirit animal associated with the base chakra and has direct ties to the Kundalini which is the seat of primal life force. The hawk spirit animal symbolizes wisdom that comes from an ability to see things from a higher perspective.


In Native American culture, red feathers symbolize strength and vitality. They also represent good fortune and good health. In psychic studies, feathers of all colors signify ascension and a connection with the spirit world.


A fully grown male peacock will have around 200 tail feathers, with roughly 150 of these tail feathers being the well-known eye-patterned variety. The colorful fan pattern male peacocks display is related to attracting a mate because the more vibrant and colorful the di...


A black feather is often viewed as relating to negative energy, but that relationship can be a warning of negative energy to come or a protection against negative energy already in place. This color feather can also symbolize death but not in a literal sense. It can rep...