According to the St. Lawrence Global Observatory, some animals that eat lobsters are the sculpin, wolffish, cod, skate, tench, flounder, monkfish, dogfish, cunner and ocean pout. However, these fish only feed on lobsters... More »

Red Lobster guests can complete online guest satisfaction surveys at To complete the survey, a guest must enter the ID number from the center of his Red Lobster receipt. The survey features question... More » Food

Red Lobster offers coupons to members of its Fresh Catch Club as of 2015. Membership with the club is free for all customers, as noted on the company's website. Additional ways to find Red Lobster coupons are through the... More » Business & Finance Household Budgets Coupons & Sales

A wide variety of fish, including cod, flounder and wolffish, eat young lobsters. Once lobsters reach maturity, however, they have few predators aside from man. An adult lobster is most vulnerable to predators when it is... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life

Insects, snails, crabs, lobsters and worms are all examples of invertebrate animals. Spiders and clams are other examples. Invertebrates are animals that do not have a backbone. More »

Crustaceans like crabs, crayfish and lobsters eat seaweed, as do plankton and humans. No seaweed species is known to be poisonous. More »

Adult cod typically eat sand eels, whiting, haddock, squid, crabs, lobsters, mussels, worms, mackerel, molluscs, herring, and smaller cod. Adult cod also feed on sprat, although sprat prey on cod eggs and larvae. More »